In Christ International Bible College is a unique training program where you can experience Bible training and earn your full-time college education at the same time. ICIBC is a mix of in-depth Bible Classes, Worship Services, and Volunteering in the local church, all of which position you to live the life God created for you. Located in Gloversville, NY, ICIBC is a part of the ever-growing life of Love City Church

Come join us on this journey!




We are so excited that you are considering attending In Christ International Bible College. This accredited school of theology offers an Associate Degree in Theology and a Bachelor Degree in Christian Ministry. Our lecture material covers topics such as Divine Healing, Principles of Faith, The Holy Spirit and His Gifts, Biblical Finances, and much more. Every subject is taught with a spirit of faith, and is designed to revolutionize your thinking and radically change your life!

We believe that God has ordered your steps - you are teaming up with the right college, at the right time, with the right people. We want God's best for you and your future. Our desire is to present a curriculum that will cultivate the good soil of your heart and produce good fruit!

We thank you for your consideration in attending In Christ International Bible College; below is some information that will help you in making your decision.  Please do not hesitate to contact our local church office with any questions that you may have.

Our phone number is 518-705-4186.



·      Obtain an accredited degree with ministry related curriculum taught with the spirit of faith.

·      Walk in a deeper understanding and knowledge of the Word of God.

·      Receive a diploma for each program completed.

·      Receive the spiritual tools that you need in order to fulfill the call of God on your life.



 In Christ International Bible College is an accredited college, which is accredited through Accrediting Commission International, the world’s largest non governmental school accrediting association.  Specializing in seminaries and Bible colleges, ACI is an independent accrediting agency that exists to help the religious world obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated. All ACI member schools accept credits from other member schools, if the credits apply to their programs.

Two tracks that you can choose from:

Bible College (Undergraduate Program)

The Bible College Program is for those individuals attending in order to receive training in theology and obtain college credit. Proof of High School Diploma or G.E.D. is required for acceptance into this program. Students enrolled in this program must complete all course and program requirements in order to receive college credit.

Bible Institute Program

The Bible Institute Program is for those individuals attending strictly for their own personal spiritual growth. Bible Institute students must attend all classes and read all texts. These students do not have to provide proof of High School and are not required to take the final exams. Upon finishing this program, students will receive a certificate of completion.



Diploma in Theology (30 credit-hours)

Associate’s Degree (60 credit-hours total)

Advanced Diploma (90 credit-hours total)

Bachelor’s Degree (120 credit-hours total)



Class meets on Monday evenings from 6-9pm. Each class runs for a four-week period.



The cost of a full year of undergraduate studies at ICIBC is $1349.91, payable in 9 installments of $149.99 each ($49.99 per credit-hour). The cost of a full year of undergraduate studies at ICIBC paid up front is $1200.
The cost for Bible Institute students attending strictly for personal spiritual growth is $899.91 per year, payable in installments of $99.99.

Each installment covers tuition and Ministry Practicum credits.

The cost is the same at every undergraduate level.

tuition pic.jpg



There is a one-time $25.00 application fee.  This fee covers both processing the application and assessing academic standing by the ICIBC staff.


There is a $30 materials fee applied to each new academic semester.  This fee applies to each semester in the academic year to all incoming students. This fee covers costs incurred for start-up materials such as Handbooks, additional texts, and any necessary printed materials for the student upon registration.  This fee is due by Orientation or at the time of the first tuition payment.


There will be a $35 minimum graduation fee to cover the costs of the cap, gown and tassel. The cost is determined by gown size and may exceed this amount.  The graduation fee must be paid by the date posted on the tuition payment schedule.


There will be a $25 diploma fee to cover the costs printing and materials.





Course #                                        Course Title                                      Credit-Hours

TH-101                                        In Christ Realities                                        3

TH-102                                        Principles of Faith                                      3

TH-103                                        Marriage and Family                                  3

TH-104                                        Ministry of Helps                                        3

TH-105                                        Love of God                                               3

TH-106                                        Authority of the Believer                           3

TH-107                                        Methods of Bible Study                             3

TH-108                                        Biblical & Personal Finances                     3

TH-109                                        Character & Integrity                                  3

MP-100                                       Ministry Practicum                                       3

Total Credit Hours 30



Course #                                            Course Title                                  Credit-Hours

TH-201                                        Principles of Prayer                                       3

TH-202                                        Principles of Leadership                              3

TH-203                                        The Holy Spirit and His Gifts                        3

TH-204                                        Divine Healing                                              3

TH-205                                        Discipleship 101                                            3

TH-206                                       Evangelism                                                   3

TH-207                                        Life and Teachings of Jesus in the NT        3

TH-208                                        A Fruitful Life                                                3

TH-209                                        Church Growth & Unity                                3

MP-200                                       Ministry Practicum                 

Total Credit Hours 30



Course #                                          Course Title                                 Credit-Hours

TH-301                                        Insights to Ephesians                                3

TH-302                                        Ministry Gifts                                             3

TH-303                                        Acts                                                           3

TH-304                                        The Triumphant Church                           3

TH-305                                        The Life of Paul                                        3

TH-306                                       Old Testament Survey                              3

TH-307                                        Blood Covenant                                        3

TH-308                                        Church History                                          3

TH-309                                        Success in Ministry                                   3

MP-300                                       Ministry Practicum                                     3

Total Credit Hours 30



Course #                                           Course Title                               Credit-Hours

TH-401                                        Christian Counseling                                3

TH-402                                        Ministerial Ethics                                      3

TH-403                                        Praise & Worship                                      3

TH-404                                        Preaching & Teaching Lab                       3

TH-405                                        Audio/Visual Lab                                      3

TH-406                                        Making Disciples                                      3

TH-407                                        Social Media Lab                                      3

TH-408                                        Developing Leaders                                 3

TH-409                                        Bible Doctrines                                         3

MP-400                                       Ministry Practicum                                     3

Total Credit Hours 30

All Students within the Undergraduate and Bible Institute programs will be responsible for purchasing their own books for each course. A comprehensive list of books needed has been provided for download below.

Download our printable application today! Please fill out the form and submit with your application fee of $25 (checks made payable to ICIBC) to the following address:

Love CIty Church
521 N. Main Street
Gloversville. NY 12078