Loving people to Life

Love City exists for one reason: to LOVE people to LIFE.

Our worship experience exemplifies our vision with excellence. It's the focal point of what we do.

We engage people's senses with a worshipful atmosphere and compassionate interaction. We engage people's hearts with obedient worship through "sun stand still" prayer, "preach the paint off the walls" teaching, and high energy music that embraces the power of God.

We honor one another by serving one another at the highest possible level. Every person plays a dynamic role in engaging people so they may be raised to life in Christ.

The word "engage" means "to attract and hold by influence or power." We believe God has empowered us to attract those far from Him through a culture of excellence that brings Him glory. In return, God has promised to powerfully build them up and hold them fast as they are raised to life in Christ.

We are a movement of people creating Christ centered culture. Engaging culture happens when our language empowers action that points to our vision without distractions.